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Ukraine Orphans Visit the Gulf Coast

Roads of Hope is a non-profit based in the U.S.A. and is doing critical work in Moldova and Ukraine. These two countries are ground zero for the trafficking of orphans. Roads of Hope (ROH) operates several safe family-type homes for orphans in Moldova and Ukraine that are designed to provide orphaned kids and teenagers the opportunity to be part of a family, continue their education, and pursue their dreams while also receiving housing, medical care, and nutritional meals. Tragically, 60% of orphaned girls and 20% of orphaned boys are trafficked after aging-out of the orphanages at 16 years old.

Currently 19 orphans from Ukraine are visiting the United States for 5 weeks. Eleven kids are staying with host families across the southeast while eight orphaned boys ages 11 – 17 are in the studio today. These kids are staying together in a large donated home in Mobile and many people gave financially to cover the kids’ expenses to get here. Joe Savage says that many people in our community have stepped up and helped. The children are also receiving much needed medical care, clothing, food, and love.

The kids benefit as their self-worth increases, academics improve, become healthier, have fun, learn about faith, and they get to experience love and family often for the first time. Incredibly, Joe Savage had ten children in the group home last summer and nine of them now have families to call their own.

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