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The global cycle of poverty is a reality in too many kids lives. Orphaned kids and those in high risk situations will likely continue to live in extreme poverty for generations to come - unless we do something to stop it.

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Why Partner with CSCOA

CSCOA works closely with your company to develop customized partnerships that increase social impact and grow engagement with your brand among employees and consumers. 

Marketing with Purpose

Making a donation to CSCOA for every product sold or service performed can be a great way to boost sales and show your company’s commitment to doing good in the world. Using both digital and physical store platforms, companies are finding unique ways to engage new customers and support CSCOA. So now, your customers can have the opportunity to improve their own lives by using your services, while helping children get the life-changing educational resources they need.
Your company can partner with CSCOA to help build social awareness while simultaneously increasing sales. Contact us today at to find out more ways that a partnership with CSCOA can become a core piece of your business.

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Matching Gifts

Companies ranging in size from small businesses to fortune 500 companies can choose to match the donations made by their employees, customers and even potential clients. Social minded companies around the globe have matched donations to CSCOA, helping create an additional 250+ sponsored children in 2021 alone.

If you don’t know if your company has an existing matching gift program, please contact your Human Resources Department and get involved today.

Donations "In-Kind"

Does your company have un-used inventory or under-utilized service capacity? In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds from your company’s sales, your company can also have a lasting impact in CSCOA kids’ lives by donating products and services that help our mission.

Send us a note today at with ideas, questions and opportunities to help out.

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Employee Engagement

Companies around the globe are encouraging their employees to volunteer their time and skills raising funds for CSCOA. Working closely with CSCOA’s Corporate Partnerships team, businesses are finding fun and unique ways to involve employees in the work and vision of CSCOA. Numerous companies have joined in this global employee movement so far, hosting local launches, encouraging employees to create fundraisers, attending conferences and participating in local team events, from writing encouraging notes for CSCOA’s sponsored kids to bake sales, craft fairs, and special invite events. 

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