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Q:           Why does CSCOA focus on education?

A:            Instead of diluting our efforts, CSCOA decided to choose one specific area that affects the lives of                               children and work to solve it.

                We chose education because:

  • By focusing on education, we can help children become much more effective and productive for the rest of their lives. Over time, the cumulative effect of these efforts helps improve not only the lives of individual children, but of families, neighborhoods and our entire world for future generations to come. We work with many orphanages, churches, charities, research programs, and educational institutions around the world to achieve this goal.


  • Lack of quality education and focus on career goals is a significant problem affecting the lives of tens of millions of vulnerable children.


  • The impact of increasing the quality of a child’s education is dramatic and permanent! This is one of the best low-cost, high-impact activities - that can change a child’s life and society forever.


Q:           Do only low income countries have a problem with education?

A:            Lack of quality education is a problem everywhere in the world, including the US. However, in many low                   income countries most families cannot access some of the basic prerequisites needed for their kids to                       take part in educational programs and the government will not subsidize it.

Q:           Do you accept donations via PayPal?

A:            Yes! If you'd like to make a donation using PayPal, please select it as your method of payment on our                         donation page.

Q:           Can I become a monthly donor?

A:            Absolutely.  Just visit our donation page and check the box next to “make this a monthly donation.”


Q:           Can I donate my car, boat or other vehicle to CSCOA?

A:            To donate a vehicle, please write us at to coordinate the details.

Q:           Is a donation to CSCOA tax deductible?

A:            Yes. We’re a 501(c)(3) charity and 100% of all donations to CSCOA are tax deductible in accordance with                     the IRS regulations.

Q:           What is CSCOA's Federal Tax ID number?

A:            U.S. Tax I.D. #: 46-2208982

Q:           How can I apply for a Matching Gift donation with my employer?

A:            To find out if your employer participates in a Matching Gift Program, please contact your HR                                         department to find the rules and related forms required to participate.

Q:           Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation and how long will it take?

A:            If you make your donation online, you will receive a receipt via email immediately after your donation. If                   you make your donation over the phone or through the mail, as long as you provide an address with your                 donation, we'll send you a tax receipt. Depending on your location, the receipt can take anywhere from                    10-21 days from the deposit/processing date to be received.

Q:           Can I direct my donation to help the specific program, country or child I saw on the website,                                         advertisement or direct mail?

A:            Yes, you can designate donations to the programs and individual children currently enrolled on                                   our website. At the end of each fiscal quarter any unused funds that have been directed to a specific                         program, region or child will be automatically redirected to the Critical Needs fund. This helps ensure that                 all CSCOA programs and children receive the funding when needed.

Q:           Can I have the contact information for a child I saw in one of your marketing materials?

A:            No. CSCOA is committed to maintaining our members’ privacy. We do not release contact                                             information for the children that we help.

Q:           Can I receive a picture of the specific child I have helped?

A:            Yes. Please send requests for these materials to We hope you will display and share                           these photos and videos as a reminder of the important contribution you’re making in a child’s future.


Q:           Is CSCOA on Facebook or any other social networking sites?

A:            Yes! We're on most popular social networking sites, such as: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.                                 You can mention us in tweets by typing @cscoa.

Q:           Does CSCOA need volunteers?

A:            Yes. If you would like to dedicate your time and talents to CSCOA, email to inquire                     about opportunities to volunteer at home, locally in your community and internationally.


Questions: If you have any questions about our FAQ's, please contact us at

Last Updated: February 15, 2022

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