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Orphans in Jakarta attend motivation seminar on Youth Pledge Day

Children from Jakarta administration-owned orphanages participated in a motivation seminar to celebrate Youth Pledge Day on Saturday.

Ucu Rahayu, the head of a teenage orphanage in Tebet, South Jakarta, said the day was a significant milestone in Indonesia’s history. She added that the seminar could pave the way for children to make Indonesia a better nation.

Jakarta Social Affairs Agency spokesman Miftahul Huda said the seminar was attended by children from orphanages managed by the agency.

One of the motivators speaking at the seminar was Asep Sutisna Sanjaya.

Asep who grew up in an orphanage in West Java earned a doctorate degree from Jakarta State University (UNJ) and is now working as a vice principal at a Jakarta high school.

The seminar also provided information about various campuses for those orphans who are interested in furthering their studies.

Tebet teenage orphanage has also cooperated with learning assistance agency Bimbel Bintang Pelajar. The agency will help students when they take state university entrance tests.

Ucu said education is one way in which orphaned children can improve their lives. “Because for us, there are no barriers except from ourselves."

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